What's the sexiest thing you can wear to your session? Featuring Miss T

A lot of people talk to me about a boudoir session, what they need to bring, what they should wear, how to prepare for it, etc. Today I want to address a concern I think a lot of women have, what is the sexiest thing you can wear to your session? So many women have a hard time really owning the adjective "sexy" because so many of them have never felt that way before, can you relate? 

It can be hard to pick any outfit if you don't feel like a sexy individual, and it can be even harder trying to figure out what does look sexy on your body type, if you don't see yourself that way. I have seen clients walk through my doors, and when they're ready to start their boudoir session, they look like SUPER MODELS, but until they FEEL like one, it won't matter, because we believe that we have to feel sexy, before we can be sexy, and that just isn't the case. Today, I'm challenging that belief and putting the whole idea on it's head! The stunning Miss T embodies what this post is all about, so enjoy her sneak peek while we chat sexiness - and a big thank you to Makeup by Progga for the gorgeous make-up application! 

"We believe that we have to feel sexy, before we can be sexy, and that just isn't the case." 

I want to remind you that everyone puts their pants on the same way, one leg at a time, and all these women/celebrities/models/friends/etc that we think look like bombshells, may not always feel like bombshells. It really comes down to the "fake it 'til you make it" idea ladies! Put on your sexy clothes, even if you don't feel sexy, because if you stay in them long enough, eventually you will! 

I want you to think about the last time you wore your lingerie for an hour, can you even remember a time when you did that? And this is not including the 3.5 seconds it takes for your man to take it off of you! That is one of the mystifying powers of doing a boudoir session, you're in your lingerie for an hour! You are in clothes that make you look sexy... for an hour! That's a lot of time to start feeling comfortable, and even to start feeling sexy in those clothes!

So guess what happens once you start feeling sexy? You become sexy. And ladies, this is one of the most valuable things I've learned from being a boudoir photographer: sexy is a state of mind, not a wardrobe choice, not an outfit, not a hair style. Yes all of those things can help you feel that way, but it is a state of mind! Why does it matter if it comes from inside or outside? It matters because...

"Sexy is a state of mind."

Being sexy isn't about showing the most amount of skin, or wearing the most revealing lingerie or clothing, or having your hair or makeup done, sexy is about being confident. Like Demi Lovato says, "What's wrong with being confident?" Women who come to their session with confidence are already ahead of the game, but for those of you who don't think you're quite there yet, let me tell you this: Confidence can be practiced! 

Doing things like a boudoir session, putting yourself first on the priority list, going out of your comfort zone to try new experiences, those are all things that instil confidence in you! And the biggest secret of all: confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear to your boudoir session. 

Take Miss T for example, she looks absolutely jaw-dropping in every single outfit, but guess what she's wearing: workout clothes, a sweater, a baseball jersey. Clothing that you wouldn't necessarily associate with sexiness. Yes, she's got some excellent lingerie thrown into the mix, but I think she looks equally as gorgeous in ALL of these outfits, not just the lingerie. Confidence and being sexy are a state-of-mind, and I always believe that if you bring that first, no matter what else you bring with you, you're going to rock your session, just like Miss T! 
Do you agree sexy is a state of mind? Let me know in the comments, I always love to hear your thoughts!

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