Here are answers to some of my most frequently asked questions about boudoir:

"What should I wear or bring to my session?"

When you book a session you will receive a styling guide that includes information on the different styles of lingerie, how to dress for your body type, what to bring to your session and what to leave at home! Anything can be apart of your outfit and you can bring all sorts of props! Jerseys, sporting goods, hobby items (wrenches if he's into cars, video game controllers if he's into video games, etc.)

"How much does it cost?"

The session and hair & make-up are complimentary, and my packages start at $550, with the average client spending around $1000. Depending on your tastes and budget, I offer packages in all shapes & sizes from $500-$2000+ I offer prints, customized USBs, gorgeous flush mount albums, and more!

"Do you offer payment plans?"

You bet! I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and see how gorgeous she is and price shouldn't get in the way of that! Payment plans can be crafted before your session so you'll have credit towards product after your session or you can set one up the day of your session, I'm flexible so it's whatever works for you!

"When are your sessions?"

Sessions are Mondays to Thursdays with your hair & make-up starting at 9AM. You'll need to be available from 9AM until about 12:30PM, then you get a lunch break and you come back that same afternoon (about 1.5 hours later) to view your photos!

"How many photos can I expect from my session?"

You can expect to see anywhere from 30-40 fully edited photos from your session! Full editing includes colour correction, skin softening, blemish removal, and teeth whitening on every single photo!

"When do I get to see my pictures?"

Your pictures will be ready 1.5 hours after your session so you can go for lunch and come back to check them out the same afternoon!

"When do I pay for my pictures?"

All products can be ordered at your viewing session which happens the afternoon of your boudoir session. Once an order is paid in full I send it directly to the lab and you can expect it back in your hands about 2 weeks later! Katie Pahara Photography accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, cash, or cheque for payment. Sorry no debit accepted at this time.

"How long do you keep my photos on file for?"

Your photos will remain on file for 30 days after your boudoir session and you are able to order more prints, albums, or any other products during this time.

"How long until I get my prints or other products?"

Turn around time from my printing lab is 2-3 weeks! Katie Pahara Photography aims to be as efficient as possible in getting your pictures to you! As well, your products are ordered from a lab in Ontario to ensure that your photos stay confidential and people that you may know are not printing your products.

"I have a special occasion coming up quickly, is there a way I can rush my prints?"

All orders come as quickly as possible, therefore there is no additional "rushing" of products. If you have a special occasion coming up please plan your boudoir session at least 4 weeks in advance of the date you would like your products.

"I have never done anything like this, I am very nervous, and I don't know if I have the courage to stand in front of a camera in my lingerie!"

 This is by far the most frequently voiced concern that I hear! The hardest part of your boudoir session will literally be driving up to the studio, your nerves will be at their highest peak, but it's all easy from there on out! Many women voice this concern, but read their testimonials here about their experience!

"I have no idea how to pose, what do I do?"

Firstly, take a deep breathe, I'm a highly skilled professional and therefore will be able to guide you into every single pose in your boudoir session! I will also perform every pose first so you know that if I can do it, you can do it! You will also go through a warm-up exercise at the beginning of your session which explains the reasoning behind some poses and helps you understand why you are being asked to push your hips or your waist a certain way!

"I don't own any lingerie, what do I do?"

If you're looking to get lingerie before your session, Katie Pahara Photography has partnered up with Cheeky Cherry Boutique to offer discounts to all our clientele on their lingerie! Contact them here to get more info!

However, some women don't like lingerie, and if that's you that is quite alright! Although boudoir is somewhat about stepping out of your comfort zone, it's still an expression of who you are as a woman! If long flowy skirts, or cute shirts are your thing, bring those instead! 3 outfits can be made from a matching bra & panty, flowy shirt, and a prop like a hat, or jersey, etc. Be creative, and if you're not sure if you should bring something, then bring it anyways, it's far better to have too much than not enough!

"I don't own any jewelry, what do I do?"

Katie Pahara Photography has partnered up with Fuzion Accessories to offer a 10% discount on all their jewelry. They make beautiful, one of a kind pieces that truly express who you are! Contact them here to get more info!

"I want to tan before my session, what is your advice?"

Katie Pahara Photography has partnered up with B Bronzed Mobile Tanning in Lethbridge. If you're interested in getting a spray tan it is recommended you go 4-5 days before your session so as to give your tan time to develop and appear natural for your photos!

"I want to get eyelash extensions, where should I go?"

Katie Pahara Photography has partnered up with Hush Lash Studio, within Fabutan, to offer you your first set of eyelash extensions for $99! Contact them here for more info!

"I would love a unique fascinator or birdcage veil for my boudoir or bridal boudoir session, where should I go?"

Katie Pahara Photography has partnered up with Add Love to offer you a discount on her beautiful one-of-a-kind head pieces. Contact them here for more info!

"What if I have scars, stretch marks, parts I don't like or want others to see?"

Every woman has something they are self conscious about! If you are worried about scars or stretch marks, Katie Pahara Photography is able to edit out scars, blemishes and other things, however the most effective way to hide something you don't like is to cover it up with beautiful lingerie!

If you have...

Stretchmarks that you do not want to show: wear a corset or merriwidow, something that goes over top of the stretchmarks to hide them.
Scars on your legs or knees: wear stockings, nylons or fishnets.
Scars on your arms: wear long elegant gloves that match your lingerie.
Bunions or anything on your feet you want to hide you can wear both stockings and high heels, remember you don't have to be able to walk in them as you'll be on a bed or couch for your session, so bring those stilettos you love!

"Can I bring my husband/fiance/boyfriend/mom/friend/pet to my session?"

Unfortunately due to space limitations within the studio there is only room for you to be present at your boudoir session. If you wish to bring any of the above mentioned people to your viewing session, ensure that they are encouraging and positive people! It may be very hard (harder than you think) for your mom to look at pictures of her little girl in her lingerie, and negative comments can be very hurtful even if said with loving intentions.

"What will my boudoir session be like?"

You'll arrive at 9AM and your hair & make-up will begin. Once you're all dolled up and looking fabulous, we'll begin your session by going through all of your outfits! I am there to help you every step of the way, so we will go through all of your outfit choices and pick your favourites out and decide together what will look best and why. Once that's in order, we'll start your session!

Once you are ready in your first outfit you will come out and begin your session.  If you need help getting on your garter, your corset, your veil, or anything else, I will give you a hand to make it as easy as possible! You will start with a warm-up exercise and learn why you are asked to pose in certain ways. You'll also learn some tips and tricks that you can use in future photoshoots with me or anyone else that will help you feel and look gorgeous!  During your session, I'll guide you into every single pose and show you how to do them first so you are able to see what they look like. You will go through 3-4 outfit changes during your session (unless you have brought more outfits in which case you will go through more), and progressively learn new poses as you change through outfits. If you have brought any props they will also be incorporated into your session! We'll be finished in about an hour, and then when we're done you can head out for lunch or do whatever you would like to do for about 1.5 hours until your viewing session!

"What will my viewing session be like?"

After I fully edited all your photos, you get to see them, that same day! You will sit down and firstly go through your boudoir contract. You are able to decide in your boudoir contract if you would like your pictures to appear on the blog and Facebook page. Should you decide to let other girls see your photos, I will post a few un-tagged photos of you on Facebook, and more on the blog. You are also able to state whether or not you would like your face to be shown in any of the photos, and you can pick whether they are posted online before or after you receive your products.

After you go through the contract, you will view a slideshow of all your photos! Prepare to be amazed, you may even cry! Secretly that's my goal because I want you to be elated with how gorgeous you are!!!

Then you'll decide which product is right for you, is it an album that you can keep in your bedside table, prints for your walls, a USB so you can let the creativity flow? You will be shown examples of all the products Katie Pahara Photography carries and can touch and feel everything so you know what you are purchasing before you decide.

You will make any payments at the purchasing session, so please come prepared with credit card, cash or cheque, (sorry debit is not available at this time).  If you need to do a payment plan we can also arrange it at this time, or prior to your session. Orders are placed each Friday and will arrive 2-3 weeks from the date of order. I will text you when your products come in and are ready for pick-up.

"Do I have to show my pictures on Facebook or your blog?"

Absolutely not! If you wish to keep your photos private forever, you are able to state that in your boudoir contract which you sign at your purchasing session. Should you decide to let other girls see your photos,  I will post a few un-tagged photos of you on Facebook, and more on the blog  You are also able to state whether or not you would like your face to be shown in any of the photos, and you can pick whether they are posted online before or after you receive your products.

If you wish to book your free boudoir session please contact Katie Pahara Photography HERE


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