What some of my clients are saying about me:

"When I first went in to get my photo's done I was very nervous. But once I got there I was put at ease. The Pre-Consultation answered any questions I had and gave me a great idea of what to expect during the session. She also let me know my options for services like albums. During the photo shoot Katie was gave me very clear directions on where I should move, place my hands etc. She was professional and very easy to work with. Katie made me feel comfortable and confident during the shoot letting me know that I was doing great, even though I was nervous. I was so pleased with the sneak peek of the photos. I definitely recommend Katie Pahara Photography to get boudoir or any photos done with her!" 

- Miss. B, Lethbridge, AB

"I had never done a boudoir photoshoot before this and I was nervous, unknowing what to expect. It took a lot to muster up all my self confidence and jump in front of a camera, wearing clothing that is usually only found in the bedroom. It was such a great experience though and I'm so glad for the opportunity to do a boudoir photoshoot with Katie. 
It was arranged for Lindsay to do my make up and she did such a great job! The results were subtle yet elegant. Kimberley did my hair and I was quite impressed by it's uniqueness and glamour. After I looked the part, it was time for the photos. Katie was patient and made me feel comfortable. She guided me to the poses that would suit my body, masking any areas I wasn't comfortable with. It was a fun day getting all dolled up and trying something completely new!"

"This was probably the most fun I have had doing a photoshoot. Katie is very professional and has a way of calming nerves and making you feel sexy and fun. I think this is an experience every woman should have and I recommend it go everyone. Five stars for sure!"

"I had a fantastic time at my session!! It was fun! I felt comfortable and most of all confident!! I would definitely do this again in a heart beat!! Katie is amazing at what she does and is truly talented! <3"

"I would just like to commend Katie for the fantastic work that she does before and after the shoot. She genuinely cares about the person going in for the shoot. She connects at a personal level, where it made me feel comfortable and energized. Thanks Katie. Your amazing, flexible and compassionate."

"Seriously a blast! No need to be nervous for a boudoir session with Katie, she goes above and beyond to make her clients feel comfortable and confident. She makes you laugh so the smile in the photo is truly genuine, she asks you talk about your significant other so the photos prove your affection for them and she takes several photos in just an hour! The poses flatter you and she not only takes the time to edit the shots she does it the same day! If that's not service I don't know what is. The photos are edited to make you look flawless, seriously I didn't even believe that was me in the photo. Katie was quick to respond to any questions I had before my session and she assisted me throughout the session. She has a whole team of talented people, Kim who did my hair made it look better than I could have ever done and Lindsay who did my make up made me look flawless. I honestly felt famous for a day! I would without a doubt send anyone I knew to get photos done by Katie and I wouldn't dare do photos with anyone else. She is ridiculously talented, super flexible and crazy nice, what more could you ask for in a photographer?"

"I had my first ever boudoir session today, and it was one of the most fun experiences I've had in my life. Getting my hair and makeup done by Kim and Lindsay was great, they made me look amazing! I wasn't at all nervous or uncomfortable with Katie, I barely even noticed I was half naked the whole time! My pictures looked flawless and I'm so proud of them! I'm so glad I booked a session and I can't wait to do it again! I'd also like to put in that my boyfriend is very satisfied with them too!"

"I just wanted to say that this was definitely an experience worth while! As I never ever thought that I would do a Boudoir session, but all I can say is that it was so much fun and I really enjoyed Katie. She was pleasant and very easy going, and very funny. I did not feel awkward at all (which is what I anticipated). I can say only good things, the album I had ordered for my boyfriend (as a surprise birthday gift) turned out absolutely amazing. One more thing to recognize is that Katie is very efficient with the entire process, I had my hour shoot ending just before noon, and the photos were edited that same day! Got the Album ordered and it was ready in a week!"

"Honestly.. If anyone has any insecurity about their body... Boudoir is for them... I've never felt more beautiful or womanly in my life! Thank you so much:) it was a lot of fun!"

- Miss J, Lethbridge, AB

"As this was my first boudoir shoot naturally I felt nervous. Immediately upon meeting Katie those nerves disappeared. She was so welcoming and easy to get along with. She certainly has a nack for making people feel comfortable. As a photographer Katie was extremely professional. She knew exactly what pose would compliment my body type. I would highly recommend Katie Pahara to anyone interested in a boudoir photo session. Thanks Katie!"

- Miss M, Lethbridge, AB

"Having never done any type of photo shoot before, let alone a photo shoot in my underwear, I was very nervous + anxious about what the experience would be like.  I shouldn't have given it one moment of anxiety because Katie was AMAZING!  Katie put me completely at ease within moments of meeting her + it just felt like I was having a fashion shoot in the comfort of my own bedroom!  The ladies who "dolled me up" with my hair + make up did a fabulous job + gave me that little extra confidence boost to really feel great about myself going in to the shoot.

The finished product turned out incredibly well + Katie truly has a gift for photography...and making nervous Nelly's feel great!!"

"Thank you SO much for my session! The whole day was absolutely awesome. I felt so pampered with the superb hair and makeup job I had done and it made me feel "camera-ready." The shoot itself was incredible. I instantly felt so comfortable, and most importantly, confident in my own skin. I really felt like the "inner model" came out in me! I loved your guidance and positive feedback during the shoot. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful! I couldn't believe how efficiently you edited the photos and wow - they were incredible! I had such a hard time deciding because of the high calibre and artistic nature of the photographs. I will without a doubt recommend my girl friends to your fantastic boudoir session! It was truly an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait until my prints arrive so I have a timeless memory and keepsake forever. 


- Miss K, Lethbridge, AB 

"My experience with Katie was unbelievably amazing. I never knew getting pictures in lingerie could be so fun and exciting. Thank you for making me feel completely comfortable while being photographed. You truly have a talent and I'm happy I went out of my comfort zone and got them done with you!"

"My experience with Katie was awesome. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I almost forgot I was in underwear. Haven't felt that comfortable in a long time. She really made me feel good about myself and I love the pictures she got. So talented! Would recommend her to everyone.
Thanks Katie"

- Miss C, Lethbridge, AB

"Best Experience Ever! Katie is super sweet and not awkward to get naked in front of at all! She is totally professional and makes you looks great and feel great to!"


Carrie Rempel said...

The best experience ever Katie turned my world for the better. Now I am a model because of you and yes I recommend Katie for all your boudoir photo shoots.
Thanks again Katie
Miss C Park Lake

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