Shooting on Location featuring Miss Y

While I was in between studios this past winter, I was shooting on location a lot, and had the opportunity to shoot at a local hotel here in Lethbridge. Shooting on location presents it's own unique set of challenges, but also gives some opportunities to try new poses, and new techniques! I actually love shooting on location because it allows me to be creative in new ways, and use the space and light around me to create beautiful images. So what are a few of those challenges and what do I do as a photographer to overcome them? 

Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AB

Busy Backgrounds

In some situations I am presented with what I would describe as a busy background, what I mean by that is there may be things in the background that are distracting, the decor might not be the best, or things may be in the shot that I don't want there. The first thing I did when shooting at this particular location was make sure to take a good inventory of where everything in the room was, and relocate things that would be eyesores out of the shot.

For example, on this bedside table was not only a lamp, but a telephone book (I didn't even know they still made those honestly!), a corded telephone, and a vase. All of those things were distracting, and took away from the main purpose of the shoot: Miss Y. So I took them out of the shot, and now we focus on her and her alone, doesn't she look stunning?!

Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge ABKatie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AB

Small Spaces

Just because a space is small, doesn't mean it isn't usable, I just have to get creative with posing! So in this shot below I've posed her on this ottoman, with her legs going up the wall, maximizing her va-va-voom, while making great use of a small space. This pose is not one I would typically have taken in my old studio space, and shooting on this location actually inspired me to use this pose in my new studio because I love it so much!

Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AB

Creative Lighting

Working on location also forces me to get creative with lighting. This space didn't have enough room for additional lighting, which I'm okay with as I usually shoot with natural light anyways, but because this light was only coming from one source, I was able to use shadows (and this flag) in a really beautiful way!

Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AB

Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AB

This window below is the one light source I had for her entire session, and I got creative on making it work! I personally love this flag shot, it's so stunning without revealing too much!

Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AB

Shooting on location is one of my favourite ways to get the creative juices flowing, and some of my the locations I have shot at have been at the beach, in the water, in the forest, in a wheat field, and on a ranch just to name a few! 

If you've got an idea for an on-location shoot, contact me HERE to start planning the boudoir session of your dreams!

Also a big thank you to Jess of Faces Lash & Beauty Studio for the gorgeous hair and make-up, I am in love!

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