3 Fun Summer Boudoir Ideas! Featuring the Gorgeous Miss S!

With summer in full swing, and temperatures predicated to reach 38 degrees on Saturday, it's going to be a hot July! Keep it steamy with these three fun summer boudoir ideas you can try for your session! A big thank you to Jess from Faces Lash & Beauty Studio for the fabulous job on hair & make-up! For more boudoir ideas, subscribe to my blog to get the latest articles delivered to your inbox! 

1. A Floral Dress
Floral print is EVERYWHERE right now, and it's so gorgeous on everyone! You can get floral print in any color, to suit your skin tone, and in any type of floral pattern! It's so versatile! I LOVE this wrap dress (I want one!), and because it's still fitted in the waist, Miss S looks amazing in it! A key aspect when planning for your boudoir session is to make sure that whatever you bring fits you! It shouldn't be too small, but it also shouldn't be too big either! A wrap dress is a great idea because it will fit exactly as you tie it, giving you options if you move up or down a dress size before your session! 

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AlbertaBoudoir Photography Lethbridge Alberta

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge AlbertaBoudoir Photography Lethbridge Alberta

2. Classic bra & panty set, in a fun color!

Miss S rocks both the fun color, and the classic black bra & panty set in her photoshoot, and you can too! Picking a bright color is fairly easy to do, look for something that matches your skin tone. Don't know how to find your skin tone? It's seriously a piece of cake! 

To find your skin tone:
Take a white piece of paper and hold it up to your face, then decide:
If your skin looks yellowy, greeny, or brown, you've got warm skin tones. 
If your skin looks pinky, bluey, or rosy then you've got cool skin tones.
If you're skin looks grey/ashey then you've got neutral skin tones.
(For more about this, see this great article on finding skin tones

Once you've determined your skin tone, you can determine what colors look best on you! Warm skin tones can rock the corals and honey colors (like Miss S here), cool skin tones can do the lavenders and blues really well, and neutral skin tones you get the cream of the crop, you can wear whichever colors you like best! Having a fun pop of color can really add a cheeky touch to your session - and you can pair your outfit with a bright pair of high heels, or go for the nude pumps like Miss S did, they both work!

3. The Bodysuit

Okay ladies, the bodysuit is like sexy on steroids! If you want to pump up your va-va-voom, and still be fairly well covered, a mesh body suit like this is the freeway to foxy! Miss S has elegantly paired her bodysuit with a long necklace and nude pumps, and that keeps this outfit super classy! Bodysuits are everywhere right now, and hey you can even get them in floral! Two birds with one stone! 

Bodysuits can look great on every body type, just make sure that the suit fits you properly in all areas! You can look for fun mesh netting in patterns that accentuate what you've got to show off, and hide anything you don't want to be seen - it's a win-win!

Sometimes thinking outside the box pays off when it comes to really showing off your personality in your boudoir session, so look for sexy wrap dresses and body suits at places outside the lingerie store - you'll be amazed at what you can find! 

These are only 3 of so many of ideas to make your summer boudoir session as hot as the heat outside, subscribe to my blog so you don't miss the rest! 

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