Bridal Boudoir: 5 Reasons it's the BEST Grooms Gift Ever!

Bridal Boudoir: should you do it? The short answer is it's one of the most empowering and confidence boosting experiences you'll ever have, and YES you should. But read on for my 5 reasons why it's the best grooms gift ever! Thanks to the stunning Miss Y for lending her photos to this fun blog post! Hair & Make-up by yours truly ;)

Reason #5: It's Probably Totally Unexpected

For years and years, brides would give their honey's watches, or ties, or cologne, or cuff links, and for years and years grooms expect to get these as gifts. They've heard from their bromigo's that that's what their wives got them for their wedding, so they're expecting something similar from you. Why not knock his socks entirely off by doing something totally unexpected?! You will not only wow him with your images, but you'll also definitely be setting the bar high for the next gift he gets you - so it's a win-in!

Reason #4: It's the Gift That Keeps on Giving

When planning out your boudoir session, you can be super crafty and make it the gift that lasts all year! On the night of your wedding, or the morning of, you can give him the first part of his gift, a mini-book with 7 images from your session, with a special note from you inside! Then every month on the anniversary of your wedding, you can give him one picture with a letter attached about what you love most about him or your marriage! Then (okay you have to like the slow-play here!) on your one-year wedding anniversary you can give him the entire album of your images, because... it's your paper wedding anniversary! After a years worth of romantic love letters, and beautiful photos of you, you can bet your marriage will be as passionate as ever!   

Reason #3: It's a beautiful way to wear your wedding accessories!

I don't know about you, but I'm super bummed that I only get to wear my wedding accessories once, especially considering all the time and effort I put into finding the absolute perfect shoes, jewelry, and veil. Your boudoir session is a chance to wear all of those items twice, and really have a beautiful memory of each and every one of them. When you do a bridal boudoir session, I get to focus in on those special accessories, and use them to capture these type of accessory shots like you see above. You definitely won't get photos like this on your wedding day!  

Reason #2: It doesn't have to just be bridal !
Think you can only bring your wedding accessories as props to your session? Think again! You can wear anything you'd like for your boudoir session, and you can add that personal touch that will make your fiancee totally go crazy! For example, his favourite jersey is a super popular prop because he already thinks you look cute wearing it, imagine how much more he's going to appreciate you wearing only it. It doesn't just have to be his jersey either, bring his work shirt, or his favorite t-shirt, or something from his hobbies or personal interests - the sky is the limit! I have seriously seen everything from guns to guitars, you name it, you can bring it and we can probably make it work!

Reason #1: It's the Ultimate Confidence Booster
Okay yes, it's a beautiful gift for your fiancee, but it's actually (and more importantly) a beautiful gift for yourself. A boudoir session will give you more confidence (don't believe me? read all my testimonials here), and can you imagine what you could do with some more confidence? I know so many men who just wish their ladies could see them the way that they see them - as the gorgeous women that they are! 
Think about this for a minute: how many times have you asked your fiancee if you look pretty, and how many times has he just answered yes, without even looking up from whatever he's doing, because he's tired of answering that question? Okay now what great men we're blessed with in our lives, but ladies I know we all want our men to drool a little over us, and think we're gorgeous, and TELL us. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret about grows when we grow it, not anybody else!

When you do a boudoir session, you grow your own confidence. You see yourself in the light that your fiancee always see you in, and you actually don't feel like you have to ask that question, "babe do I look pretty today?" because you already know the answer! Can you imagine what a good feeling that is to just feel beautiful without needing outside confirmation? Maybe that seems insignificant, but change begins with the voice in our head and that's what a boudoir session does, changes that voice in your head, and it really is life changing. 

Don't take my word for it though, come and do your own session and see for yourself. A bridal boudoir session as a groom's gift is amazing because it can be totally unexpected, it can be the gift that keeps on giving, it gives you a chance to wear your wedding accessories again, you can bring all sorts of fun props, and it really is the ultimate confidence booster! If those aren't enough reasons to come and do one, then I've got one more for you: I'm having an incredible bridal boudoir sale! $50 Off any boudoir package, complimentary hair & make-up, same day viewing, & two week turnaround! 

Want more details? Book a boudoir consultation HERE to start planning the bridal boudoir session of your dreams!

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