Miss C's Boudoir Mishap!

A little while ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous, and extremely patient Miss C! I say she was extremely patient, because her session was one of mishaps and firsts for me as a photographer!

It started out like any other morning, I got to the studio, turned on some music, swept and washed the floor as I do every day (I'm a bit OCD when it comes to cleanliness in the studio), and waited for my client and makeup artist/hair stylist to arrive. 

Now normally, anyone I have hired for hair & make-up arrives well before my client, but this morning she wasn't there. At 8:55AM Miss C arrived, and still no hair & make-up artist. I was starting to worry! 

The hair & make-up artist I hired for this day is a dear friend of mine who I know to be punctual as hell and always in contact if anything should change, and I began to think all sorts of awful thoughts. What if she got in a car accident? What if she's on the side of the road somewhere and needs help? What if her house burned down? Finally, at 9:30AM I get a message through Facebook from her. All the while, Miss C is patiently waiting with me, and is super understanding!

The message read, "I'm so sorry, my vehicle broke down and I left my phone at home. I had to borrow a ladies phone to log into Facebook to contact you because I don't know your number!" Instantly, I felt relieved to know she was okay and not hurt! I offered to come and get her, but her husband was on his way, and the vehicle needed to be looked at immediately due to the nature of what was wrong with it (don't ask me what that was, I'm not a mechanic lol!). Well now that I know she is okay, this leaves me in a predicament, what am I going to do about Miss C's session?

Luckily, in case of moments like this, I took makeup lessons to make sure my client would still be able to have her boudoir session! I am always very aware of the fact that many women take the day off, and prepare sometimes weeks in advance for their session, and I never want to leave them high and dry, so to speak! So it looks like the day is saved! Well, not so fast....

I have left all my makeup and hair styling tools at home! Thankfully, Miss C is totally laid back about the whole situation, and comes with me for a car ride to my house! Now, I really believe the universe works in mysterious ways, and what happened next proved that this day was no exception. 

Earlier that morning I got up and put the evening's supper in the slow cooker, thinking I was being so pro-active, and on top of my eating at home game! However, I completely forgot that on that one particular day, the city planned a power outage in my neighbourhood. When I walked into my house, the lights didn't switch on, and instantly I remembered why. 

So I quickly grabbed all my makeup and hair tools in the dark, grabbed my slow cooker, and went back to my car. Miss C held the slow cooker at her feet, while I drove back to the studio to do her makeup and hair. So although it seemed like a disaster at first, Miss C was still able to have her session, and my supper was saved! It was a win-win! 

I just want to say a huge thank you to Miss C for her patience and understanding through this very unusual situation! I am so glad it happened the way it did though, because it has shown me that planning for the worst case scenario can pay off, and I actually have come to love doing the hair & make-up for my clients, and now I just take on this role myself.

It has allowed me to be more flexible in my scheduling of my boudoir clients because I just have to work around my own schedule and that's it. It's also helped me to be more helpful to my clients in providing tips and tricks for them before their session for their skin care routine, as well as makeup and product choices for after their session if they want to re-create their look!

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