Miss J's Curvy Girl Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

I often get clients asking about boudoir for curvy gals... today I'm going to share a sneak peek of one of my favourite curvy ladies! I honestly sometimes struggle with labelling people as curvy, or plus-size or any name that describes their body type, because I really don't like putting people in boxes. All women are beautiful, all women have sides to themselves and parts of themselves they absolutely love, and all women have other parts that they're not super excited about, and I never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable by labelling them as anything they aren't comfortable being called. But this curvy lady rocks it and I am so happy to share these images with you! 

Often times it can be nerve-wracking to come in for a boudoir session, but if you come in with confidence, holding your head high, and knowing you're going to absolutely OWN your session...then you will! Miss J did precisely that!! She also brought in some super fun props to use during her session, and they really added that extra personalization that takes your session to the next level! I can't even get over what a fox Miss J is, I absolutely love her in the red outfit, and those SHOES !! Love it!! Plus that red lipstick, she really rocks it! 
Hair & make-up by the super awesome Katt Panic Makeup Artistry! 

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