Miss A's Beautiful You Challenge Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

Here's another fabulous sneak peek from our Beautiful You Challenge! The gorgeous Miss A really made her session her own and really did fantastically with the Challenge! Read more about the challenge by clicking here. I truly enjoyed reading her online blog she kept during the challenge and I really was able to get to know a different side of her throughout the month of challenges! 

Day 1 of her challenges:

 "Out of the whole challenge I am hoping to be comfortable being me. This challenge isn't about looks or liking how you look. Beauty isn't only on the outside and that's what I am going to find out. I am ready to start to feel beautiful on the inside and outside. I am excited for all aspects. I seriously didn't think I could pour my heart out like this to some people I don't know but I am hoping that while I am writing this it helps other women.I want to do this challenge because I wanted to see what it was about and hopefully by the end of it feel more confident with who I am. 

        There are so many things women don't like about themselves. I am very insecure about my stomach. I think that this insecurity comes from my hobbies, sadly. I love modeling but I also love singing, dancing, photography, and acting. A lot of this stuff I have been doing my whole life. The thing is, is that all of those hobbies require someone telling you, "you are okay." It requires someone tell you that you're good enough or that you're attractive enough. Truthfully no matter how many people tell me I'm beautiful I can't see it. 

I'm super excited but super nervous for the 30 day beautiful you challenge. I think I'm most excited to get my hair and make-up done, as well as the make-up lesson from Katt Panic. As a women who wouldn't love a little pampering? I'm super nervous for the pictures cause I'm still not super confident but I'm hoping after this challenge with Katie I'll be so excited for the pictures that I won't be able to sleep."

At the end of the challenge this is what she had to say:

"I LOVED this challenge. I  know I can totally improve on me trying to accept my body image. I've been eating healthier and I am writing down workouts to do without having to go to the gym. Which is great. I was so self conscious at the start of the shoot.. not cause I was in lingerie in front of someone I met a month ago :P ( Katie did not make it awkward at all.. THANK GOD) but I was so self concious because I forgot my mascara ( which sounds like I am being a "drama queen" but my favourite physical feature about myself is my eyelashes :P) So I was freaking out, but when I looked at the pictures I was amazed at how AMAZING they looked! I am so excited to get them.

I'd like to thank Katie for giving me this great opportunity to be apart of this awesome challenge. It was so much fun and I cannot wait to get the pictures back. I'd also like to thank Katt for everything she has done too."

Hair & Make-up by the always talented Katt Panic Makeup Artistry!

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