Miss J's Beautiful You Challenge Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

Miss J was an amazing participant in our Beautiful You Challenge and brought another side to the challenge that we weren't expecting! I loved her interesting view points and her inquisitive nature, she really made me dig deep to explain why some of the daily challenges were important, and she added value to our program that it would have been lacking without her! This is what she had to say before the challenge:

"This is my first time doing anything like this. I'm anxious, I can't wait, and this month is happening really quickly. I'm doing the challenge because I need to build my portfolio, and my self-confidence with it. I'm in the process of losing some body fat to look better in just underwear, and getting healthier as a result. I'd like to better understand angles and how my body looks from where when it's not a selfie, as well as just take some time for me! I knew the month of these challenges would be crazy this year, so I decided to take the challenge to remind myself that time on my own matters too.

 I used to figure skate competitively, but I never understood the importance of eating well enough to support skating 20 or more hours a week. My ribcage was visible everywhere there wasn't boob. My knees stuck out all knobbly, and my leg muscles were (still kind of are) huge. I started wearing only long pants- my mom didn't allow me to shave, and my entire thigh jiggled whenever I took a step. I was told I look like a boy, having B-cup boobs and muscly legs. Junior high was tough. 

I'm excited about meeting new people, actually! I can't wait to work with Katie and Katt and to see everyone else doing the challenge on Facebook. I'm pretty nervous about having my toes and nails done. It's never something I've been able to do for myself, because long nails cut through skating gloves and dresses, and nail polish stains judo equipment.  I really hope the outcome will be finally beginning to accept my body as a sort of aesthetic, beautiful container for my soul and mind, instead of just emphasizing what I can do with it."

This is what she had to say after completing the Beautiful You Challenge:

"My experience with the BYC challenge so far has indeed been a challenge! Enjoyable things include remembering to just take a step back, recenter myself, and help... De-pufferize from the stress. I'm suddenly a lot more confident, too, and that is probably a side effect of the knowledge that I'll be an honest to god, oh my goodness model at the end of the month. My life has indeed improved in certain aspects, namely confidence aforementioned as well as remembering that, hey, I made a commitment to increase my well being with the Beautiful You Challenge."

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