The New Studio!

I know I've been promising you guys some sneak peeks for a while now, but I've actually been busy renovating the studio! I was sitting down watching TV just after the holidays when the channel turned to HGTV and my eyes lit up and my brain cells started firing like crazy, with thoughts going through my head of, "Oh, I could do that. No problem, easy-peasy." Two weeks later and here I am with a brand new, bright, contemporary yet vintage looking studio space. Good bye wood panelling, may we never meet again! I thought you guys might want to check out for yourselves the before & after, it's pretty radical I'd say!  

This is just part of the wood panelling I covered up. This wall is the same wall that the new daybed (see below) is against. Also, sorry about the terrible before photos, I took them with my phone camera as I was just about to paint! 

This is the new daybed I purchased (got a steal of a deal off kijiji for it, love that website!) Although it's a single and the old bed was a double, it still works great and this bed even has a memory foam topper, hello comfort! See that beautiful wood panelling covered in a rich alabaster bisque colour from CIL? I love it, I want to paint everything that colour! 

Here is the day bed again with more of the wall showing, plus a new blue leather chair which is supremely comfortable, and some cute accessories I got! The pillows were a sweet deal second hand, I love the wood buttons, and the Parisian clock comes from Decor Out the Door. The frame was a gift, so I have no idea where it originated from, if I had to gander a guess I'd say Pier 1 Imports. 

Below is the beautiful victorian couch all gussied up, and some gorgeous pineapple candle holders from Decor Out the Door. I am going through a pineapple phase right now, I just love the design detailing in them, aren't they so pretty? The Paris wall hangings are also from Decor Out the Door, they're beautiful fabricated wood frames with the chandeliers printed right on the wood boards of them, I love them! Also the grey candle holder on the coffee table gives you an idea of the colour scheme I was going for: tans and greys. I actually ended up doing all the rooms I renovated in that same colour pattern including the lou! 

Below is the wall where the victorian couch (see below) now sits against. Look at that awful wood panelling! The worst part is that it was cardboard or MDF panelling and was a pain in my butt to repair all the holes made, but it sure did clean up nice! You can also see my dog Judah's back end peaking out from the old love-seat, he was a real helper when it came time to paint with that big bushy tail of his and his never ending desire to follow me around, tee-he. 

This is the grand old victorian couch in all her beauty, what do you guys think of the colour scheme? Again the wall in the back is painted with Alabaster Bisque from CIL. I just love that depending on what you put near the colour it changes it and makes everything so lovely!  

I am so looking forward to 2014, which I am dubbing the 'Year of Possibilities' especially with this fresh, new and exciting studio space! With that being said I am putting out a casting call for models in the Lethbridge area, no experience necessary, to help me show off this new studio space! See my next post for details and stay tuned to Facebook for up to date information about the casting call!

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