Miss C's Boudoir and "A New Year, A New You"

Check out the gorgeous Miss C, and also my take on New Year's Resolutions and Courage:

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge, AB

We've all heard the old adage, "A New Year, A New You" but what does that even really mean? I think someone, somewhere, assumed that somehow (I'm going with magically) we all become new people at the start of a New Year, except…I don't, do you? I am still the same woman I was in 2013, although okay honestly, I'm a bit older, but who's really counting anyways? I have the same insecurities, the same flaws, the same passion, the same goals, and the same hair colour. What I don't have is a renewed sense of self, or some bright new confidence, and I'm guessing you don't either.  Now, before you go on thinking this is the most depressing blog post I've got going, hold on, bare with me, it gets better. 

You know what I do have, that I've always had, that I bet you've got too? Courage. I've got courage! And it's courage, not the passing of another day, a clock strike at midnight announcing a new year, but courage that gives me strength and the ability to do today what I didn't necessarily think was possible yesterday. Every woman I meet has courage, even if they don't know it yet. They've got courage to stand up for what they believe in, they've got courage to walk the walk, not just talk the talk in their every day lives, and they've got courage to be who they are without asking permission or apologizing for it. I admire these women, I admire you. 

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge, AB

You may not realize all the courage you have, but I see it. When I look through my lens and I photograph women in their most precious and secret moments, where they are totally themselves, posing in my studio in their skivvies, I see their courage. I hear their stories. I walk with them, even if briefly, and I admire them. It takes strength to admit we are sometimes afraid, and I have not had a single client who was not at least a teensy bit scared for their boudoir session, but all of my clients brought their courage, and they did what a lot of them thought they would never do. The results? Something we are all seeking: a renewed sense of self, and a bright new confidence, something that only courage can bring. 

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge, AB

I challenge you all to do something courageous this year, something that both scares and excites you, something that's been on your bucket list, or in the back of your mind, or the front of your heart, and I challenge you to lean on the courage you've got, and just go for it! You will not be disappointed when you leap out and do something with courage, because when you exercise courage, you just get more of it! If that means doing a boudoir session, use that courage and call me or email me at kpphotoblog@gmail.com and we can start planning the boudoir experience you've always dreamed of!



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