Hi I'm Katt...with a sneaka-a-peek at Miss C!

As many of you know I am privileged to work with the amazing Katt Panic, and I wanted to give you guys an insight into why I work with her, and why she truly is the best of the best in Southern Alberta for make-up & hair! I've asked her to write a little piece to introduce herself in her own words, so you guys can all see how amazing she is :) I've also included a recent boudoir session with the drop dead gorgeous Miss C! Her look inspired a Jessica Rabbit meets Christina Aguilera circa the Rolling Stone Cover meets a fantasy Ariel, thanks in huge part to the creative vision of Katt. We love it! We hope you guys do too!

About Katt:
"I'm a 25 year old girl who really enjoys her job! Despite what people think, I'm actually pretty average. I enjoy reading books, painting, sketching, getting my hands messy in anything crafty. As a kid, my mom would always find me busting out the craft supplies late at night because I needed to try something I saw on "Art Attack!" I've been an artist since a very young age I guess you can say.

Katie Pahara Photography Boudoir
Miss C, our pin-up Jessica Rabbit. Hair & make-up by Katt Panic

Art has always been the key focus in my life. I relate to the students I teach who tell me their dream is to do Makeup, Hair, or Art, but their parents are discouraged because there is a stigma about those industries. I was always told to become a nurse or something in the medical industry because A.) I had the grades and B.) it was a sure proof way I would live a life that was socially deemed "successful." Needless to say I graduated with honours with 3 art scholarships under my belt. I took Fashion Design and Marketing as my first degree, then later branched into theatre, but in the end I followed my true passion of Makeup!

Katie Pahara Photography BoudoirKatie Pahara Photography Boudoir

Why Makeup?

Well... how do I explain this. I am obsessed with makeup . It's not just a fun time, or a hobby, it literally haunts my dreams (in the best way possible.) Once I dreamt I was eating it - I was dipping my Watts Up! Highlighter in my coffee and eating it. (For the record.... it tasted like a French Vanilla Biscotti in  my dream...)

But I'm not just obsessed with beauty makeup. In fact, beauty makeup was just a hobby but what really fueled my passion was monster makeup - Special FX, the ugly and the bloody. I was SO obsessed with horror shows, even as a youngster. I was the biggest fan out of all my friends (until I met my best friend when we were 12.) Growing up I was fascinated with the makeup in horror films... especially the old ones. How did they do that? What was it made out of? Who made it?
As I grew up more, I always would play the 'what if' card. What if I was the one making those monsters? What if I was the one who designed that character?

Katie Pahara Photography Boudoir
Miss C - "Beauty make-up is whatever you want it to be. Inspiration comes from everywhere, including a pair of old ballet slippers. You just go with whatever works."

Long story short I couldn't fight it. I tied up my loose ends at the University and headed out to Vancouver , to make monsters! And, of course, beauties as well. Beauty makeup in general just became an extension of my obsession. It is nice to have a balance. Being this far into my career it's nice to have both ends of the spectrum as my specialties.

What does Cruelty free mean to me?

Animals are my life . Im a vegetarian (going on Vegan some day.) Before I decided to focus my life on art, I was actually pulled towards animals sciences and helping animals. However, being in the art industry, I was torn on how to help our furry friends in society. I'm apart of the cosmetic and beauty industry, and people have referred to this industry as "vain," and "the downgrade of modern society," "pathetic," and "pointless." Yes I've heard it all, and I'm aware of how the industry I am so passionate about stands on animal testing . I saw an opportunity to help raise awareness about the consumer pull towards buying cruelty free brands and furthering product knowledge. I am extremely passionate about teaching the younger generation about becoming aware of cosmetic companies, ingredients, and general " Know before you buy," because A.) they will be the leading consumer group in the next decade and B.) Being Women in the age group of 18-45, we are the leading pull of consumers. Where ever I can, I will always be an advocate for this topic. 

Katie Pahara Photography Boudoir
Miss C is truly a stunner. Her hair & make-up set up this look perfectly for our pin-up inspired shoot.
On the industry ...

Like I've stated previously , I am obsessed with this industry. I love everything from making a women finally feel comfortable in her own skin to bringing a horrendous monster to life . I've never felt so inspired in my life to create, and I've never felt so satisfied with my work . However there is a dark side to the industry like every other . There is unfaireness, cattiness, bullying, you name it. 
I don't like to think of myself as the person who always takes the highroad and never gets caught up in the drama of the industry, I am human - and though I never partake in the drama, I am still effected by it. Less so now then I was before - it's a learning curve even in the adult world , dealing with bullies and silly drama.

Katie Pahara Photography Boudoir
Miss C - "One of my most favourite images I've ever taken, I love this picture so much! It truly was only possible with the amazing & creative Katt Panic! This is Christina Aguilera via Rolling Stone Cover reimagined!" - Katie

It all comes down to the ego. Letting your ego get in the way, being jealous, being petty. Lots of artists come up to me and ask me why I'm so "nice" to them, and I've had artists treat me like dirt because I've reached out wanting to give them jobs or (by gosh) be their friend. There is a side to adulthood that no one really realizes until we experience - bullying never goes away, just evolves. 
I believe we have lost the side to ourselves that is crucial to being successful as a team. We forget what it was like to just be nice and not be overly cautious, worrying that, "this person is after my money/clients/ideas/success" Or on the opposite side, "I want their money/clients/ideas/success." My advice? Be yourself, be genuine, make friends, let yourself be inspired by other people . If your passionate, your money/clients/ideas/success will come to you, on your own terms in your own way. You cant be any one else, just yourself."  

Want to work with Katt too? Contact her on her website for information on make-up applications for a night out, a makeup lesson for a girls night in, or a wedding application, etc. 


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