Pin Up Through the Pain: Part II

Today I'm so happy to share with you guys part II of the incredible journey of Liz Laperle, the Canuck Pin-Up! If you missed Part I you can find it here:

I love what Liz has to say, so I'll just let her do all the talking. We would love to read your comments on this story, so please post them on the blog, send me an email, write a Facebook message, or contact us in any way you see fit! Without further ado, Liz Laperle:

"Well, here we are; Post-shoot, and flying on Cloud Nine. First, I want to say a big thank-you to everyone who read the first part of this article, and to Katie for the deep words of encouragement she shared in response. Those words definitely helped me through the preparation process, and it meant so much that so many people took the time to read my story.
Since Part I was released, I got the news that I am now officially divorced. Even though that announcement came with its own set of emotions, it was a relief to come into this shoot knowing it was all over, and that I was truly free. I was excited about the shoot either way (even though thoughts of “I can’t believe I’m doing this” rattled through my head at times), but I think there was a deeper sense of intimacy, openness, and hope I felt while working with Katie on each pose because of that. Looking at the final shots, I can certainly see that coming through on camera.
Preparing for the shoot, I admit it was hard not to wear the lingerie I had saved for the event—especially because they were some of my favorite pieces! :P In the end, I’m glad I didn’t, and was glad that the outfits I chose stayed in good condition because of it. Katie’s guide to prep her clients for their shoots was spot on, and I felt more than ready for the big day.  To help make your own boudoir shoot the best experience, I would also suggest cutting the tags out of your garments. This is something burlesque dancers do, and saves on having to take the time to tuck them in if they come out of place before a shot.  Plus, you can always mark them and save them if you need them for washing instructions later. ;)
On another note, I admit I’m glad that I decided NOT to excessively diet or exercise before the shoot. The thought crossed my mind, but at the same time, I had already adopted some healthier habits in my life’s journey, and didn’t feel like I needed to take any more drastic measures. I felt very comfortable with my body, and that it was beautiful JUST the way it was. Having some extra voices echoing that confidence just before the shoot also helped, and I found I felt the same way about my body as when I did the Glamour shots. It was amazing to find myself in the same frame of mind despite the painful struggle I had with my weight and self-confidence in between those shoots.
When I got to the studio, both Katie and Katt (hair & make-up artist) were phenomenal. As we casually discussed our lives, and what we wanted to do look-wise, I felt such an ease and joy come over me. Katt’s expertise and mastery brought out my features in a natural yet dramatic way, and Katie’s calming, gentle instruction helped make each shot a work of art. And because they understood the situation I had just been in, their support shone through more than ever, and it felt good to talk to people who truly understood the gamut of emotions I had been feeling.
I enjoy many forms of photography, but one thing I love about boudoir photography is not just the intimacy created by the poses or amount of clothing worn, but the subtle things each person can put into the shots to make them their own. Call it an intimacy of the mind, if you will; or of the spirit. For example, the shots with the peacock showgirl outfit speak to my passion for dance and performing, but also something else—my love of gaming. Fans of the game Ultra Street Fighter IV will undoubtedly recognize the outfit as one inspired by Poison’s wild costume; a look I thought I could pull off with the pink hair and all. ;) And my loved ones will know that I adore hats, so having my favorite vintage-inspired chapeau in the shots was a given. Even my love of music and singing was captured in the shots by using my own guitar, Dusty, as my “cover”.
Though I love each look I chose, my favorite series of shots was probably the sword ones. Part of my heritage is Norwegian, so I wanted a Norse feel to these shots, and used my own faux fur throe instead of just a sheet over my body.  I am also a Metalhead, so these shots helped convey that all the more, and were partially inspired by the songs The Lay of Our Love by Týr, and Elegy by Leaves’ Eyes. But even more than that, I feel these pictures help to tell stories; first, one of a woman longing for the return of her beloved warrior; second, with just a change of angle and facial expression, a fierce warrior just DARING someone to try and take on the challenge of loving her. As a writer, I see these things as movies and stories in my mind, so I couldn’t help but get a thrill at how these photos brought my visions into reality.
When I look at the images, the woman who so many times was crying through stress and loss over the last couple of years seems so far way. Yes, she is me, and always will be. But looking at those photos, I can see a woman who, like a pearl, has been molded and shaped by time and pressure into something beautiful. I think we all are like that in a way, and in closing, I would like to say that every woman really needs to save up and have quality boudoir photos taken. Whether they be for just herself, or for someone special too, it is an amazing experience and confidence-booster, and I believe every woman is beautiful enough to be celebrated in this way… like a Greek sculpture crafted to last.
Always with love,
If you love Liz and want to follow her musings, you can check out her blog 'The Canuck Pin-Up' here:
A huge thank you to Katt Panic Makeup Artistry for the Hair & Make-up, another job done extremely well!


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