Miss K and Recording a Radio Ad!

Hi Guys! I haven't posted a sneak peek in a while, we've been so busy with all our brides this time of year that I have been so focused on that, and it's time for a sneak peek! Today we have the gorgeous Miss K. She was so nervous for her session, but she did amazing! I absolutely love her images, what do you guys think? Gorgeous, right! Hair & Make-up by the always lovely Katt Panic Makeup Artistry

Curvy Boudoir Photography

I also have been up to some other stuff outside the studio as well, like recording a radio ad for 98.1 The Bridge! I met with Raymond from the Bridge a few weeks ago to discuss my ideas, and he was able to come up with some cool concepts! Katt and I sat down with Nadine from the Bridge and she wrote out what I would say. It was really exciting, I got to explain why I love my job, what boudoir means to me, and talk about my experiences being a boudoir photographer. 

Curvy Boudoir Photography

The following week Nadine sent me the scripts of what I would say, I looked at it and thought, "Oh my gosh, I am going to say this, in front of all of Lethbridge, eek!" Then she called me and assured me it would be fine and booked me to come in the following week to record my ads.

Curvy Boudoir Photography

I went in the following week to the Bridge and met with the lovely Angela who helped me to record my ad. She was so sweet and also assured me that it was totally fine and not to worry. She also told me I needed to smile the entire time I was talking because people can hear a smile in your voice, I thought that was really neat! Radio DJs must be smiling all the time ha! 
Curvy Boudoir Photography

The radio equipment is pretty cool, and Angela made it all look like no big deal. We did a few takes of my first ad because I kept speaking too quickly (oh my gosh, that's always my problem!) and I almost finally got it right but screwed up at the end and may have said an expletive on the recording, oops! She deleted it though, and pieced together the good parts of my ad into one ad. She's a superstar. The second ad though, I was a pro, I did it in one take, woo-hoo! 
Curvy Boudoir Photography

On Monday was the first day my ad ran live on the radio, but I missed it! It was super cool though because I had some random people (including the guy that does my banking) say that he heard me, so that's pretty amazing! Today is Wednesday and "our" day on the radio, 98.1 The Bridge has created "Wonder Woman Wednesday" for us and will feature an article, topic, or woman that inspires and empowers other women, and it's all done in our name! It will go live next Wednesday June 24 so be sure to listen to Coralee talk about it!
Curvy Boudoir Photography

Once I know more information I will be sure to post the time so y'all can listen to it live for yourselves :) I'm very excited for Katt and I to embark on this next step of taking over the world (because we really will one day!). And hey, if you liked our sneak peek and want a session for yourself (Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, even Christmas is coming up pretty fast!) contact me today at 403-560-0525 or write me an email to kpphotoblog@gmail.com 

Have an incredibly great day!



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