My very own boudoir session!

This past Friday I decided to take the plunge and do a boudoir session for myself. I did this for a few reasons, firstly because I wanted to know what the client experience felt like, I always believe you should walk a mile in someone else's shoes so you can better understand them. Secondly because I knew it was Black Friday and if I made prior arrangements to do something else I wouldn't be shopping, and finally because I wanted to give my lovely boyfriend a nice gift for Christmas. I went about this boudoir session in a somewhat unconventional way and I actually let Kelli (le boyfriend) take my photos. 

I wanted him to take my photographs over anyone else for a few reasons, firstly because as a boudoir photographer, I will tell you a few things about myself that maybe you don't know. Number one I secretly love being in control of the creative things going on around me (but will step down and let other people take the lead if the occasion calls for it) and number two, I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to anything my hand has touched, I know things can be perfect and I want them to be just so. 

I knew if I let Kelli take my photographs then he would get to walk a mile in my shoes (and he's decided he doesn't want to be a boudoir photographer, that it is hard work after all lol!), and that I would also get to be in creative control of my session, and I would get to edit my photographs right away. For those of you reading this who have never had a session before, I am one of the only photographers out there that edits your photographs the same day so you can see them the same day! Along with being a perfectionist, and loving being in control of the situation, I also have no patience to wait for stuff. Seriously, I ordered things online for Christmas and I have been tracking the items at least twice a day for a week now! Why would I want to wait to see my pictures?

I also wanted to do a boudoir session in this way because it allowed me to see if I am missing the mark on anything in my business, as I went through everything I would ask a client to do including the hair & make-up and all the boudoir poses. I got to see my studio through entirely fresh eyes, and it was so cool! I realized that (and maybe it's just me) after going through about half the poses I was starving! We did stop for a pizza break in the middle of the session, so perhaps I will offer some snacks during your session, what do you guys think? I was also ready to have a nap after the session, being a boudoir client is hard work! My abs were killing me the next day too! I don't envy you clients, I would be the photographer over the client a million times over! 

Kelli also came up with a few new poses to add to the roster because he was quite talented with the camera and very creative (I've been teaching him throughout the past year). I am so proud of how these photos turned out, Kelli did an amazing job and I was thoroughly impressed. And Kelli, if you're reading this, thanks for taking my direction so well, I love your patience with me! I would get into the pose and tell Kelli where to stand and where to have the focal point and he would snap the photo, what a great guy! He did take a few on his own once he felt comfortable enough, and they turned out great!  

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to Katt Panic, my lovely hair & make-up artist. I did not even know I could look that good! I felt like a super model all day, and I am so fortunate to have her apart of the team. I am so glad that every one of my clients gets to start their day with a full make-over from her, she does an unbelievable job. 

(P.S. The corset is from Cheeky Cherry Boutique!)

Well, I think that's all from me, but I'd love to hear from you! If you have suggestions on how to make our boudoir sessions better, or if you think anything is missing from them (like a snack mid-session) please write us a note below, send us an email, or write us on Facebook! We are always constantly striving to make ourselves better, so we appreciate all feedback! 


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