Feature: Kelly, 4 Elements Healing Massage

This year I have made it my mission to find all my boudoir and glamour clients the absolute best of the best, the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme in beauty services in Lethbridge! I have been looking for new and incredible services offered, and met with many local business owners to find people that I would recommend to my very best friends! In this feature you'll get to meet Kelly from 4 Elements Healing Massage! She's an incredible young woman with a great heart, so read on for more information about why massage is so important in our lives, and a special surprise discount for anyone who books a boudoir or glamour session!

The Details

Name: Kelly PanskyBusiness: 4 Elements Healing MassagePhone: 403-328-3006 
Hours:  Monday 9AM- 6PM, Tues - Thurs 9AM- 8PM, Friday 9AM - 5PM, Saturday 10AM - 5PM 

Website: www.4ehmassage.com
Services: Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Couples Massages, Stone Massage, Cupping Treatments, Shiatsu Massage for Migraines/Headaches, Sports Massage, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs, Body Bronzing

For this piece I'm going to let Kelly tell you herself why she loves what she does, what fuels her passions, and how you can benefit from a 4 Elements Healing Massage!

Why you'll love Kelly:

"I love to help people. I always thought I would be a nurse, my grandmother was one and always hoped one of the grandchildren would follow that career path but I didn't think I would be able to handle the emotional feelings or drain experienced in nursing. I loved biology and the way the human body worked and was always interested in learning how to treat injuries. I came across the Massage Therapy program at the Lethbridge College and found out that it was exactly where I was meant to be! I am able to channel my passion for helping clients by making them feel physically better. And sometimes it isn't just physically, but emotionally or mentally as well. I have found many times that my clients are stressed from work or life experiences and will come into our massage sessions just to be able to vent about whatever is bothering them. By the end of the massage they feel relaxed but also mentally at ease because they have released whatever had been bothering them that day."

What Kelly loves about her job:

"Loaded question! If I could narrow it down, it would be my clients. I love getting to know them and following their treatment progress to see how their health is improving by incorporating massage therapy. Some of my clients have been coming to me on a regular basis since I started massaging, and some just in the last year or so but they feel like family. I get to hear how their kids or grandchildren are, what is new in their lives, what happened that day that was stressful or negative. I have even had clients cry during our massage treatments because they had to fire someone that day at work and they felt awful about it or because a loved one was ill and passed away. My clients are a HUGE part of my business and one of the reasons that gets me really excited to wake up and go to work every day."

Kelly's advice for potential clients and massage therapists:

"Potential clients, try out a few massage therapists when you're new to massage therapy or looking for a new therapist in general. Each therapist has a different massage style, almost like a "massage personality". As a client, you need to find a massage style that fits your needs so don't give up if the very first massage you have wasn't what you are looking for. For those interested in massage therapy I say don't give up on the career. It does take 3-5 years to build a successful business with long-standing clientele. There WILL be struggles and you WILL need a second job in the beginning, but if this is your passion it should not take you long to flourish."

What happens during a massage?

"Clients should arrive about 5-10 minutes early for their first appointment with us to fill out new patient forms. This helps the massage therapist meet their client, go over their file and start the massage on time. Relaxing massage music plays during the massage and heating pads are applied to your back, feet or problem area that day. As therapists, we address the main areas of concern for our clients but this is also your time to relax and let us do the work. Feel free to take a nap! Essential oils are offered during the neck massage and if time permits, we work on the clients face, hands or feet. Before our clients leave we recommend self care which might include stretching exercises, increasing water, having a warm bath with epsom salts, and when to rebook (should the client need additional care)."

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