Miss J's Boudoir | Boudoir Studio Lethbridge Alberta

"Next time you think of beautiful things...don't forget to count yourself in!" - Anonymous

I love this quote because so often I can look around the world and see all these amazing, beautiful, intricate and incredible things all around me, and never once stop to think that I could also be included in that list. I think a lot of my clients feel that way too, and I imagine those of you reading may also feel like that, from time to time. Miss J is one of those women who came to her session unsure of how it would go, and then realized that she too, is apart of the beauty in the world! Have a look at her sneak peek!

Hair & Make-up by Beauty by Bex

If you'd like to have your very own boudoir session, please contact me today for more details at kpphotoblog@gmail.com :)


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