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A boudoir session is all about expressing who you are as an individual, and allowing that fierce & feisty (or that sweet & sensual) creature to come out to play! A great way to do this is to bring some props that truly help tell the story of you, your relationship (if that's why you're in for a session), your hobbies, your passions, and so on and so forth. Today I'm going to touch on three things that I think really add to your session, and you may want to keep in mind if you're coming in for a boudoir session any time soon :)

1 - Jewelry: Wearing a fun necklace can really accentuate your chest area during your boudoir photos! In my experience, wearing a larger necklace, or a longer one, really adds shape, dimension and interest to that area of the body. It draws the eye to that area without being too loud or in your face, and you can really get some beautiful jewelry that shows who you are. 

If you're into music festivals, love traveling, and are more of a free-spirit, a necklace like the one pictured above works wonderfully. 

If you want something fancier, a shiny/sparkly piece works really well with any lingerie, and adds that touch of elegance to your images. 

If you have a loud personality, wearing a loud necklace and lipstick to match can really help that shine through your pictures, or if you're sweet & shy, a pearl necklace can also do the job! 

The necklace pictures above was found at Ardene's, and they have a wide variety of options when it comes to jewelry, from boho chic to evening sparkle. I also recommend Le Chateau for jewelry as they often have beautiful and unique pieces, and you can usually get a great deal! Winners also has a beautiful jewelry counter, and even places like Wal-mart, The Bay and Sears also often have a large selection with great deals to be found!

2 - A nod to the purpose of your session: Are you doing your session for someone else? Make it that much more special by including items that give purpose to your session, like this veil for this bridal boudoir session. You can bring anything to your session that nods to this purpose, whether it's a veil for a bridal session, red lingerie for Valentine's Day, something special for your anniversary, or even as a birthday gift (you could bring in a cake and include that in your session - how fun!), the options are endless! 

Even if you're doing a session just for you, as a retirement gift, a new mom gift, a birthday gift, or anything else, you can find unique ways to bring attention to that during your session.

If you've got a purpose for your session but you can't seem to find something that resonates with you as a prop, you can always write me an email, I'm full of ideas!

3 - Your favourite things: This list is truly endless, and I have seen so many different ways people incorporate their fav. things into their session, I could seriously write a book about it! To give you some ideas, here's a little list I put together:

Love wine? Do like this client and include your favourite wine (and what a fun name this one has!), and a glass as well, it also makes for a very fun vignette at the end of your session (pictured below). It's also a great way for you to display a photo from your boudoir session either at work, in your home office, or anywhere you want to be reminded of your boudoir session, without actually giving away what the photos are all about!

Love to read? Bring your favourite books to your session, there is something naughty about reading your favourite book in your lingerie! Like to read the newspaper? Bring that into your session, we can cheekily pose you behind it, ooo!

Love music? Bring your favourite instrument into the studio and we can incorporate that into your session, I have seen everything from guitar, to violin, to keyboard! You can also bring in your favourite records or CDs, headphones, if you like to sing you can bring in a microphone - whatever your heart desires!

Love the outdoors? It's Southern Alberta, so if you're into hunting, camping, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, quading, dirt biking - anything outdoorsy at all, you can incorporate that into your session! I have seen guns, rifles, bows, sleeping bags, fishing rods, snowboards, ski equipment, racing jackets, helmets, and so, so, so much more! 

Basically, if you have hobby or something you're interested in, there is a way to incorporate that into your session if you want to!

So there you have it, three must have boudoir accessories that really make your session your own! Fun jewelry, a nod to the purpose of your session, and something to do with your hobbies or activities - the possibilities for what you can bring to your session truly are endless! 

Has this post got you curious about doing a boudoir session? Contact me today for more details: kpphotoblog@gmail.com 

I look forward to chatting with you soon!


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