Miss A's Bridal Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

I have known Miss A for quite a few years, and have seen her flourish into the amazing young woman she is today! I was so beyond excited to photograph her bridal boudoir session because it meant she was getting married to the man of her dreams!! During her session she was nervous, as most clients are, but by the end of her session she was already getting into the poses without me even needing to explain what I wanted next, she really rocked her session! I love when a client comes in, isn't sure what to expect, and doesn't know if they'll even enjoy doing their session, and then at the end just completely kills it and has so much fun the whole entire time! That was Miss A completely, and that lingerie and veil, love it!!

Hair & Make-up by Katt Panic Makeup Artistry
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