Miss S's Black & White Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

Today I thought I would change things up and feature a black & white boudoir session! Although I don't often show images in black & white, today I was feeling like a fun change was due! We've had a very busy summer, we've been up to so much, here's a recap of the last few weeks:

- We won first place in the Whoop Up Days Parade for Small Commercial (yay, two years in a row!)
- We're having Nurse Appreciation Month this September, if you are a nurse or know someone who is, contact us today for more info about our amazing special going on!
- I had my last wedding of the summer in August, I loved all my brides this year, it was a spectacular year to get married!
- We had an amazing water boudoir call in July, sneak peeks of that coming soon!

We've got to meet so many amazing women this summer, some were new clients getting married, others were doing a session just for themselves, and still others were past clients who we were so happy to see again! I feel so blessed every single day that this is my job, I get to wake up every day and do this, I get to help women rediscover themselves, help them define who they want to be, and help them remember who they are. What an incredible journey!! With that in mind, let's ogle over the  absolutely stunning Miss S! Hair and make-up by the always talented Katt Panic Makeup Artistry!

I received a super fun lens (tilt shift for those of you wondering) for Christmas last year (thanks Kelli!) and have so enjoyed using it at the end of my sessions. It adds a dreaminess to the images, and a gentle mystery to them, how fun!

Hope you enjoyed our latest sneak peek! Stay tuned for more! And hey...Christmas is around the corner, contact us today to book your session!


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