7 Deadly Sins: Wrath

To conclude our 7 Deadly Sins series we're ending with our final sin: Wrath. Miss K embodied wrath with a true understanding of this sin, read more below from her.

Hair & Make-up by the incredible Katt Panic Makeup Artistry

"Wrath - Punishment or vengeance as a manifestation of anger.  Wrath, in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate.  Feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, including impatience, revenge, and self-destructive behavior.  

When I first decided to participate in this project, Wrath was not the first sin I thought of representing.  I am typically a very empathetic and forgiving person.  Rarely do I hold grudges if someone angers me, and never am I violent or vengeful.   In fact, I considered backing out of the project because I felt that neither of the two sins I was offered related to me.  However, once I looked into the origins of the sin of Wrath, I discovered that I actually connected with it a lot more deeply than I originally thought.

In its original form, the sin of wrath also encompassed anger pointed internally as well as externally. Thus suicide was deemed the ultimate, albeit tragic, expression of hatred directed inwardly, a final rejection of God's gifts.  While I have never attempted suicide, I must admit, I have experienced a great deal of hateful, cruel, and self-destructive thoughts as a result of my depression.  Over the past few years I went through some major life changes and made my fair share of mistakes.  I found myself floundering to function in this life that I had worked most of my adult to build up which was suddenly crumbling down around me.  I began to blame and belittle myself for making mistakes and started to question my ability to make good life choices.  This spiraled to the point where I began thinking I was a failure…that everyone around me was judging me and that I was disappointing them all.  It got to the point where getting out of bed to face colleagues, friends and family seemed too hard a task to accomplish.  I began to hate myself and sincerely believed that I deserved all of the hate I had conjured up towards myself.  So I got help.  I saw my doctor, made an appointment with a counsellor, and a year later am well on my way to recovering from the Wrath of my depression.

For me, this shoot is part of the therapy…the catharsis of taking control back from my depression.  A lot of the imagery is quite dark and intense.  I wanted to show just how dark feelings of hate can become if you let them fester in your mind long enough.  I also wanted the opportunity present this darkness in a way that I could control.  For a long time I let my thoughts control me.  This shoot allowed to me to take that control back as well as to give others a glimpse of what it can be like to have depression.  I’m sincerely grateful to Katie and Kat for making this a reality.  It was truly an empowering experience.  I felt beautiful and strong…something, until more recently, I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  Being able to represent Wrath has allowed to me to regain a powerful part of myself that I’d thought I’d lost.  I will never forget this experience and I hope that on my bad days, these photos will serve as a reminder that I am so much stronger than I often think I am." - Miss K

When Katt and I were first presented this idea from one of our clients who portrayed Pride, we never realized the impact this project may have on the women portraying the sins and everyone who has since seen the work and the write ups. It has truly been astonishing. I am so proud of all our girls who got up to portray these sins and brought their own unique characters to each one, it truly revealed the ability each of these sins can have on our life as women and how that impact can be both negative and positive. Katt and I truly enjoyed doing this series and we're looking forward to our next project: the 4 Elements! We are currently looking for 2 women who would like to portray 2 of the elements, if you are interested please contact me at kpphotoblog@gmail.com and I can provide more details! 

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