7 Deadly Sins: Envy

I hope everyone has been enjoying the 7 Deadly Sins Series I've been posting! We've had some amazing feedback! Today we're talking about the sin of Envy. One of our darker sins, Miss Envy pulled it off beautifully, and brought another dimension to our series. In her own words, this is what Envy means to Miss Envy herself...

" 'Comparison is the Thief of Joy'

~Theodore Roosevelt

We live in a world where we are bombarded with images of what these other people have and that we should want.
Want to be beautiful: how do you stand up to Victoria Secret model Taylor Hill?  Well then: try this diet.
Are your Eyes like Angelina Jolie's?  No? Try this eyeliner
Want to be considered successful:well how do you match up to the CEO of Google.
Oh yeah: and how much do you earn compared with Oprah?
Then you need the clothes, did you see what Beyonce is wearing in Vogue this week?
This checklist goes on: the car, the house, the perfect partner, the kids, the dog...and don't forget to keep up with those Kardashians!

Oh and by the way: We never said any of this was going to make you happy.

North American culture is quick to let you know the next thing to covet, which you can follow on Facebook, and is a constantly moving finish line, because this way you won’t remember to stop and look at EVERYTHING YOU ALREADY HAVE!

For those days where you can stop and say “Hey, I got it pretty good”, it still creeps in to the back of your mind: doesn’t it?

Do you see what Sally has: a new thing-a-ma-bob.
Wouldn’t it be nice to nice to have a new thing-a-ma-bob?
I wish I could have this brand new shiny thing-a-ma-bob.
Why does she get to have this exciting top of the line thing-a-ma-bob!!
and there it is “that should be mine”!
But we don't know why Sally has a new thing-a-ma-bob. Is it because she got the money from an inheritance from a person that she would sell everything she owns to see again? It can be hard to see beyond our sudden want of this spiffy new toy.

Now have an inward look to the past. We all put our current wants against our former glories.
Ever said “I wish I was as fat as I was when I first thought I was fat”, if so you're not alone. Even as I get ready for this photo shoot, I'm wishing I had a like more Moxie like when I was younger and more fearless, and this is utterly crazy! The person I am today would leave my younger self in awe. How many times in my own insecurities did I try to pull to pull someone else down, in an attempt to raise myself up? It didn't work then, why would it work now?
So when that little green monster pops up remember what Socrates said”
“Envy is the ulcer of the soul”
...don't let it grow and taint everything you love about now." - Miss Envy

If you've been enjoying our 7 Part Series, stay tuned, we still have 4 more Sins to post!! 

A huge thank-you as always to our incredible hair & make-up artist Katt Panic who has really brought these concepts to life!

If you've got a fun idea for a session and you would like to chat, please contact us at kpphotoblog@gmail.com

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