The {D}ifference a Boudoir Session Can Make & Miss J's Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

In part 4 of this 7 part mini-series I'm going to let some of my former clients talk about what a difference a boudoir session has made in their life! Here to help me out is the stunner Miss J! I was so pleased with these boudoir photos, I just love the way they turned out! Miss J had worked an ALL NIGHTER and drove AN HOUR to come to her session, what a trooper!!
Hair & Make-up by the lovely Katt Panic

"My day I felt sexy and beautiful, you made me feel confident, never thought that because of my size pics like this would look good." - Miss J (Featured in this article)

"I am almost and Katt are FREAKIN' BRILLIANT!! WOW....I am still in shock and I am in love with you guys! The inner me is futterwackin' up a storm I can hardly contain myself!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! What a great experience from start to finish!!!" - Miss R

" looked over the pictures again. I cannot express how pleased I am with these and I cant wait till my fiancĂ© sees them either! You and Kat did an absolutely fabulous job and you really know your stuff.  Like I said earlier, I came in thinking I would have to know what I was doing (which I didn't) but you made it so easy. Literally, all I had to do was show up. You girls rock! I will definitely be recommending your studio to others. I could only hope that my friends chose to have the same  experience. Also, just a side note - I read your blog and personal story and I just want you to know how inspirational that is. Props to you for everything you have done for yourself." - Miss J

Plus sized boudoir photography

"I love my pictures! I probably look at them every week and have definitely showed all of my friends! " - MIss C

"It was honestly something I never seen myself doing. But it was a fantastic experience and I really felt on cloud 9 :)" - Miss L

"I was extremely nervous . I did not know if I could do it. After talking to Katie on the phone she made me feel like we have been friends for ever. I was very excited to do my session. The day of the session I was sooo nervous. She helped me with my outfits and we just had fun with it . She showed me all the poses and really took time to do the shoot . Which I will be grateful for this whole experience .!! " - Miss D

"It was scary to do and I was very nervous. But it was the smartest thing I ever did. Following my breakup, I was convinced the reason I had been cheated on was because I was ugly and fat and not worth being faithful to. After the photos I felt pretty and calmer. It helped me to realize that I wasn't the one with the issue." - Miss C

"It was so fun! I got them done as a gift for my partner but after I did the session I realized it was more of a gift to myself! It is such a good feeling to look at those photos and realize that it is actually me in them. Katie knows what she is doing and is definitely a professional. I always tell my girlfriends to go out and do a shoot because it really is a self love activity. " - Miss L

If you'd like to book your own boudoir session and see what all the hype is about, contact us [HERE]. 

Thanks again to Miss J & Katt Panic!


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