The {O}riginality of Boudoir & Miss C's Session, Lethbridge, AB

If you missed my last sneak peek, we're starting a mini-series about boudoir, go check it out here:

Today to help me with this fun mini-series is the gorgeous Miss C! What a smoke show! 

The {O}riginality of Boudoir

A boudoir session can be an outlet for your creative side! Miss C wanted to do something she knew would be fun, sexy and classy to get her husbands gears going! She chose this school girl/secretary outfit, and she looks the part! We have seen so many incredible ideas come up to make your boudoir session original, unique and totally your own so keep reading for the list!

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge

Something He Owns:

Favorite sports team jersey or accessorites (hats, scarves, etc.)
Favorite old shirt
Golf Clubs, Baseball Bat, Tennis Racket, Pool Cue
Hard hat, Tools, Work belt
Hunting apparel
Cowboy gear (hats, boots, jeans, suspenders, etc.)
Uniform (Firefighter outfit, etc.)

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge

Something You Own:
A fur coat
A leather or dressy vest
Your favorite dressy top
Your favorite dress
Gloves, hats, etc.
Anything with sparkle
Anything fishnet
Those high heels you love but never wear (I even had one client go out and purchase the most expensive shoes she could find, just to wear them to her session and return them the next day!)

Boudoir Photography LethbridgeBoudoir Photography Lethbridge

Some fun props:
Memorabilia from a fun trip or experience you had together

 Hobbies (If you like.... then bring...):
Baking/Cooking...apron, spatula, etc.
Board games...your favorite game to play together
Crocheting/Knitting...needles, yarn, things you've made
Drinking beer...your favorite mug
Playing music...musical instrument you/he plays, headphones, mic, etc.
Reading...your favorite book, the newspaper, jerseys, etc.
Video games...controllers, games
Dressing up...Halloween costumes or cosplay costumes
Motorcycling...gear, leather jackets, chaps, gloves, etc.
Fishing...poles, lures, etc.
Gardening...plants, tools, overalls
Hunting...guns, bows, camo gear
Photography...your camera & gear
Skiing/Snowboarding...your skis, board, & gear
Collecting...items from your collection

And the list could go on, and on, and on!

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge

The limit really is only your imagination with all the original things you can do to make your boudoir session truly yours! 

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