The {B}eauty of Boudoir & Miss L's Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

Hey all, I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks - there will be 7 coming! And there are also 7 letters in the word 'Boudoir' so I decided to put a little something together about what boudoir is & what it means to me. To assist me in the first sneak peek is the incredibly darling Miss L!

The {B}eauty in Boudoir

A boudoir session is unlike any other photo shoot you will have in your lifetime. Sure you may have received family photos, or engagement or wedding photos, but a boudoir session with me is something entirely different than those type of shoots. 

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge

The entire theme of your boudoir session is beauty - Katt and I aim to make you feel the most beautiful you've ever felt in your entire life. You get to experience the best hair & make-up that I believe this city has to offer, you get to wear glamorous and fun outfits for an hour, you get to wear your favorite high heels you probably haven't worn in years, and the list goes on and on!

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge

Not only do you feel beautiful during your session, but when was the last time you had truly gorgeous and amazing photographs of yourself taken by friends or family? During your boudoir session you will learn some tips and tricks for posing in future photographs, so you can start to exist in photographs and love more of the shots you & your friends take! 

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge

A boudoir session will change your life. It really will (read more about that here:, and it really will make you feel more beautiful than you've ever felt before. It will lift your spirits, it will add a glow and a brightness to your heart that you didn't have before. A boudoir session captures the beauty you have inside you, that maybe you didn't know existed, and shows it off to the world!

Boudoir Photography Lethbridge

Stay tuned for the next sneak peek, The {O}riginality of Boudoir

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