7 Easy Boudoir Props You Already Own - Featuring Miss X's Boudoir Session

Good morning babes! Today's topic is one I hear a lot, "I would book a session but I have nothing to wear!" Honestly, boudoir props can be found everywhere and you probably already have most of these lying around your house!! Boudoir props can range from anything such as guns, to guitars, to garters and to everything in between. I have probably seen everything you can think of when it comes to props and accessories, and today I'm going to share with you some easy props you can bring for a session, that you probably already own. Some people don't want to bring any props, and that's totally fine too, but there are two reasons I love props that might persuade you to love them too. 

Firstly, props add that personal touch to your session, making it that much more meaningful for you, and a significant other if you're giving it as a gift. Imagine having a beautiful image of yourself reading your favourite book, or wearing your husbands favourite shirt, or holding something you love, or engaging in something you are passionate about. You are going to have a photo so unique that only you will ever have that prop, no matter what the pose is! It makes that photo entirely your own!

Secondly, props allow me as the photographer to use them in creating unique poses for your session! When you're looking at the images below, imagine that photo without the prop, although still gorgeous, the prop really tells the story. And after all, I'm all about telling your beautiful story!

So, enjoy this sneak peek of the super foxy Miss X while I take you through some easy props you can bring to your session! You may be surprised at how many you already own!

1. Your/His Shirt

I see the shirt as one of the most universally adaptable props, and literally EVERYONE owns a shirt (I hope!). There are a few styles of shirts that work really well for your session:

- Button up Shirt/Dress Shirt: this style works great because it can be opened, closed, buttoned up, seductively unbuttoned, worn off the shoulders, held down by the legs, I mean the options are endless. Pair with a tie, and you've got even more choices!

- T-Shirt: this style works great because it can make something so casual look so gorgeous, especially if you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. This style can be played up with a pretty necklace, or played down with a pair of chucks or long socks. 

2. Wedding Ring/Engagement Ring/Ring of Significance to You

An easy prop that you'll already have if you're engaged or married is your ring. When you're wearing a ring it allows me to get shots like the one below, beautiful little details that help tell the story of your session. I have also seen promise rings, rings handed down from generations past, and rings that have special meaning in your life. A ring is something probably everyone owns, and even if it doesn't have meaning to you and it's just pretty, you can still bring it because it still works in this shot!

3. A Garter Belt with Stockings

I don't know about you, but once upon a time I got it into my head that I needed a garter belt, and they were on sale at La Senza, so I picked one up. Have I ever used it? Nope, not even once. But do I still faithfully hold onto it "just in case"? Yup! 

If you're like me and just have a collection of odds and ends of lingerie, you can bring them to your session as props. You don't even have to know how to put one on, I will show you or do it for you, and the results, as you can see below, are so much fun! Again, they give the opportunity to do some fun additional poses that without them, we may not be able to do!

4. A Garter Belt without Stockings

Just because you have a garter belt, doesn't necessarily mean you'll have stockings to go along with it. If you don't, that's totally okay! We can still use it for your session, and still make it look totally stunning! So if you've got one that you're thinking of bringing along, just bring it because you never know what I can make work for your session! And this image happened to be one of Miss X's favourite, even though there are no stockings at all. 

5. Garter from your Wedding

Right now with summer I am seeing a ton of bridal boudoir, but I'm also seeing about an equal amount of anniversary boudoir sessions too! Do you still have your garter from your wedding? Bring it along as a nod to your wedding, or as an accessory for your bridal boudoir session, and we can do some cheeky shots like the ones below. It doesn't even have to still fit you, I have tons of tricks to make garters work in your images. 

6. A Pop of Color Shoes

If you're like me, you probably have some really nice pairs of high heels sitting in the back of your closet that you never wear (maybe because your fiancee is the same height as you, and when you wear your heels you tower over him - yes the struggle is real). Why not bring them to your session? Just make sure to dust them off first and give them a good wipe if they've been sitting for a while! 

Not everyone is a high heel kind of gal, so this shot also works with chucks, hiking boots, runners, dressy boots, ballet shoes, with pretty well anything you can put on your feet... although I do draw the line at crocs, no crocs! But seriously, you've got footwear, I know you do, so bring it!

7. Head Wear

You may also have a fun hat sitting in your closet, collecting dust with your shoes, why not bring it too? A hat is a versatile accessory because we can pose you in so many ways with it, this is just an example of one of my favourites! Other items for headwear can include:
- Umbrella 
- Headband
- Tiara
- Ball Cap (yours or your significant others!)

You probably have at least one of these head pieces at home, so grab it and bring it along to your session!

As you can see, you actually probably have a lot of options in your closet and around your house already, so you actually may be more prepared for a boudoir session than you think you are! 

If you're thinking of doing a session and need help figuring out what to wear, contact me HERE to set up a consultation, where we can arrange a time to shop your closet together!

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