I am the worst ever!

Today I've got a confession... I am the worst ever!! I am so awful at posting blogs and posting sneak peeks, and I don't know why!! I think it's because I am not sure what to write about, or what you'll think of what I say, and I certainly don't want to reveal too much about my amazing clients...but this morning I had a revelation!

Firstly, thank you to Ashlyn Merriman of #Perfectfit4u for the inspiration of this post, you're an awesome chic and I realize that to succeed in life we have to surround ourselves with successful people (#makingnewfriendsisawesome, #youknowwhoyouare) - so onto my revelation...

Boudoir Photography is my absolute passion, hands down the best thing I've ever done with my life, and easily the thing I enjoy most in this world. For the last few months I've been in a fog, so to speak, and have not really been sure what direction to take the studio in. I had so much fun doing the Beautiful You Challenge, and I really enjoyed making an impact on women's lives, and it helped me to get out of my funk.

I realized this morning that the direction I need to take the studio in is forward. I just need to keep moving forward, not in any other direction but that. My course is the right one, and I just need to keep on it. Sometimes we are not sure of what we should do next, our path doesn't always seem clear, and these past few months that has totally been the case but today I watched a great video from Ashlyn about why she does what she does. Her reason was simple, because she loves it. I realized this morning that my reason is simple too: because I love it.

I love waking up every day to go to the studio and hang out with Katt. I love meeting each of our clients and hearing their stories. I love getting to know each of them, laughing with them, and making a connection with them. I love when that connection turns into a true friendship. I love when their hair and makeup is over and they think the "hard part" is about to start, so many clients are so nervous, and I love that. I love guiding each client through the posing flow, and seeing how their bodies move. I love when they do a pose that they didn't think they would ever do, or wear an outfit they didn't think they would ever wear. I love when they're finished and they float out of the studio because they're so darn happy that they got the courage to do their session (because they thought they might chicken out the night before!). I love when they come back even more nervous than before because now they actually have to see their images. I love watching their faces when the first photo shows up on the slideshow. I love how many women say, "Sorry, that's not me...you're showing me someone else's photo!"....except it is them, and they can't believe it. I love that moment. I love when they are so excited to show others their photos. I love the emails I receive after their session saying how it changed their life.

I absolutely love every minute of my job. How many people can even say that? So these past few months that I've been in this fog, or this funk, or whatever you want to call it...today I discovered what I need to do. I don't need to come up with new and different things to do in conjunction with my Boudoir Photography (although it is fun, and I will be doing a Beautiful You Challenge every spring from here on out), what I actually need to do is continue doing what I love because what I love is awesome and I'm so lucky to get to do it!! I just need to keep moving forward in my passion because that's the course my life needs to go. Everything else will fall into place, as it has in the past, and as it will in the future.

So if you've been struggling like I have with what direction to take your life, follow your passion and move forward. You got this! I know you do!

Can't wait to bring you some amazing content, sneak peeks, and behind the scenes at the studio, because that's what I do best and I'm going to keep on moving forward!!

Hugs and high fives,


P.S. If you want to follow Ashlyn for inspiration and awesomeness check her out on instagram: @perfectfit4u, @ashlyn_merriman or see her on snapchat!


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