Miss A's Boudoir Session, Lethbridge, AB

Hey guys how is everyone doing today? I thought I would turn over a new leaf and do a bit of talking with each post, especially since my last post was so well received. You can read it [here] if you missed it, I kind of poured my heart out, and explained why I am a boudoir photographer! 

So how was your weekend? I went to a softball tournament this weekend, and watched a little Sons of Anarchy (catching up on the season as I missed the first few weeks of the show), but I am trying to keep things pretty low key because for the next two weekends I'll be out of town for Thanksgiving and then pet-sitting, so I didn't want to do too much this weekend, save my energy for the coming one, ha! That's how I know I'm getting old! I've been busy doing outdoor fall boudoir sessions, the sneak peeks for those are coming soon, but for now here's a little teaser of the drop dead gorgeous Miss A!! 

Hair & Make-up by the lovely Katt Panic 

Miss A is working it! She absolutely rocked her entire session, so proud of you girl!

I completely love this camo Under Armor hoodie!! I have seen it a few times and oh my gosh I want one so bad, they're so soft! Doesn't Miss A look amazing wearing just this sweater? It's incredible what you can do with one or two accessories in a boudoir session!

Well that's all for today guys, I have to ease into this whole blog writing thing slowly, ha! Also, if you've been thinking of booking a boudoir session I've only got a few spots left open for October and November, give me a call (403-560-0525) or an email (kpphotoblog@gmail.com) today to get the ball rolling on this life changing experience! 


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