Miss S's Baby Bump Boudoir, Lethbridge, AB

This was my first ever "Baby Bump Boudoir" session! I will be honest, I was absolutely terrified, stepping out of your comfort zone as a photographer can be a really scary experience, but Miss S was amazing! She contacted me to have her baby bump boudoir session as, firstly, a surprise to her husband, but also to show women how beautiful pregnancy is. She was absolutely glowing during her session, and I felt totally honoured to be her photographer. It was definitely a new experience photographing her session as I wasn't able to use some of the poses that I consider my staples, and instead had to come up with some poses that were new and exciting! I would love all of your feedback on this session, please feel free to leave your thoughts (and love) in the comment section :)

I absolutely love baby bump boudoir, and I feel silly on the other side of this experience in being so afraid to have ever tried this before, and I am beyond excited for some upcoming baby bump boudoir sessions I have booked. Thank you Miss S for asking me to step up and come out of where I am comfortable to capture the stunningly beautiful woman that you are! 

Boudoir Photographer Lethbridge

Boudoir Photographer Lethbridge

Boudoir Photographer Lethbridge

If you would like your own FREE boudoir (baby bumps included) session please email me at kpphotoblog@gmail.com for more information and to book your session date :) 

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