How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session! Lethbridge, AB

Below you will find how to prepare for all aspects of your boudoir experience including the do's and don'ts of what to wear & bring! I hope you enjoy!

Feet/Hands: Toenail polish can be super cute but make sure it's freshly painted, no chips! And that it matches your fingernail polish. Pick timeless colours and avoid patterns - remember you want to look at these photos in 20 years and be proud of them!

Shoes: Bring 2-3 pairs of shoes & the higher, the better! I would bring one pair of black high heels and one pair to compliment your outfits if you're bringing bright or colorful outfits. Make sure your shoes are clean before you arrive, check not only the tops but the bottoms as well! Your bar shoes may be your favorite pair, but old gum doesn't look good on anything!

Lethbridge Boudoir Katie Pahara Photography

Legs: Shave and moisturize your legs the morning of or evening before your session and bring moisturizer with you as well if your legs dry out easily.

Stockings: If your outfit(s) call for stockings bring them! Avoid stockings with stay-up plastic in the upper legs, they can squish your legs and misshape them, so choose stockings that stay up with the straps of the outfit, not the plastic built right in.

Lethbridge Boudoir Katie Pahara Photography

Underwear: Just because it's boudoir doesn't mean it needs to be racy all the time. Feel free to wear bootie shorts, full back undies, or the like, you definitely don't have to wear a thong or g-string! Make sure your underwear fits correctly and that it doesn't cut off the circulation to your bum cheeks or that it's not too tight in the hips, therefore causing that thing all us women love called muffin-top. Great choices for boudoir are cheeky style underwear that offer full coverage in the front, and semi-coverage on the bum or lace-backs that offer fuller coverage but still have the sexy and revealing aspect to them.

Lethbridge Boudoir Katie Pahara Photography

Although boudoir is intended to mimic shots of you in your bedroom or similar, the outfits you choose may not be the same outfits you'd choose for your bedroom. Many women gravitate towards baby dolls, flowy materials and lingerie or clothing that is too big or too small. This is not the approach you want to take when picking out your boudoir outfits. You want to pick clothing that correctly fits your body while hiding the things you don't want to show off. See below for my recommendations:

Baby dolls - I always suggest avoiding these. The loose, flowing material, while it may be nice in the comfort of your own home, will only add weight to you in your photographs.

Bra - Bring a few bra's with you to your boudoir session, and make sure that they fit your breasts correctly. Your local lingerie store should provide you with a free bra-fitting - if your breasts spill over the tops of your bra, or the cups of your bra have extra space in them, it's time for a bra fitting! Also inquire about different types of bra's for your shape such as balconette, push-up, etc.

Lethbridge Boudoir Katie Pahara Photography

Bustier - A bustier is a great choice if you want to hide your stomach, or stretch marks - it provides great lift for the girls, and hides the things you don't want to show off.

Crop Bustier - A shorter version of the bustier, this style generally ends at the waist (usually the smallest part of your body) and not the hips, which can accentuate the stomach area.

Camisole - A camisole can be a good choice if it fits correctly, but avoid large or baggy camisoles, and be sure to wear a cute, well-fitting, bra underneath it.

Chemise - Again, like the camisole, a chemise can be a good choice so long as it fits well, and is not baggy or too tight in any areas.

Lethbridge Boudoir Katie Pahara Photography

Garter belt - You can choose a garter belt to accentuate underwear or a bustier/corset - make sure the garter belt fits correctly or it is another item that may cause muffin top. Go with matching stockings, again not stay ups. If you need help affixing your stockings to your garter belt, don't worry I'm here to help!

Girdles - If you are a fan of the vintage era, a girdle could be a good choice for you. Make sure the girdle fits correctly, and that you've chosen other lingerie to go with it such as a co-ordinating bra and stockings. This can be a hard look to wear for any body type so make sure you bring other lingerie items besides just a girdle.

Merriwidow - A merriwidow, although it has a funny name, can be a very seductive choice, granted it fits correctly. Some merriwidows that have ruching on the sides can add bulk to your body, so ensure that it fits correctly. As well if the merriwidow has any designs or lines on it make sure they compliment your body shape, as some lines can accentuate curves where you do not want them to be accentuated.

Lethbridge Boudoir Katie Pahara Photography

Shapewear - Occasionally women will bring in shape wear to use, if it fits correctly than why not? As long as it is not too tight and you're not spilling over the top or out of the bottom, then go ahead & bring it!

Make-up: Make sure when you arrive for your make-up you bring your own mascara and that you have a freshly washed face. If you have African-American skin please also bring your own skin make-up such as concealer, foundation, etc. Please also advise the make-up artist if you are using any acne medication or product such as Retin-A which may interact with certain make-up products or if you have any allergies to make-up.

Hair: Please arrive to your hair appointment with day old hair, washed and dried the evening before as your hair will hold shape easier when it's not squeaky clean.

Accessories: If you would like to bring a few necklaces, bracelets and earrings along with you, they will make your outfits looked polished and well put together. Don't overdo it with too many distracting items as the central focus should be on you, not your jewelry.

Lethbridge Boudoir Katie Pahara Photography

The most important item to bring: Your Confidence! Your boudoir session begins and ends with you, and your confidence is the sexiest thing you can bring! Come prepared to rock your session, and you will!

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